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Whether you’re into a frantic blast-fest of hordes of zombies and other nasties, or you prefer something more cerebral, FPS games are one of the most popular genres in gaming. If you’re a fan of virtual gunplay and a wide range of different weapons, you’ll want to check out these top FPS games for Android.

Doom – the Father of FPS Games

There’s a certain comfort to be had in being able to shoot down a barrage of enemies with a well-placed bullet or two. So, it’s no wonder that this iconic first-person shooter is still going strong, and is even available on Android as a 25th anniversary rerelease.

Overwatch – the Next Generation of Team Fortress

The eSports scene has always been synonymous with team-based competitive FPS gameplay, and Overwatch is a big part of that culture. It’s a hugely popular title, and a genuinely great game that has a lot to offer for gamers who enjoy the same style of multiplayer as some of the most successful titles out there today.

Titanfall 2 – the Next Generation of Scrooge McDuckesque Sci-Fi Action

There was something incredibly refreshing about the acrobatic, sci-fi action of Titanfall 2. It may have been the last FPS game to feature truly original, innovative and genuinely fun – and arguably ‘wonderful’ – multiplayer that had never before been seen in modern consoles, but it’s certainly an enthralling one.

Infinity Ops – the Best Mobile FPS in the Universe

If you’re looking for a new, more modern take on the first-person shooter, Infinity Ops is the best game to get your teeth into. It offers a fast-paced multiplayer online competitive experience in a genuinely interesting and entertaining sci-fi setting, complete with above-average graphics and social features, along with a variety of different in-game weapons and jet packs.

Prodeus – the Fastest and Intense FPS Ever Made

If there’s an FPS that really gets under your skin, it’s Prodeus. This genuinely awe-inspiring retro FPS is an intoxicating mix of old school design and modern fidelity, with an innate sense of humour that’s hard to find in many other shooters these days.

Superhot – the Coolest Game in VR

This isn’t the most obvious choice on this list of the best FPS games for PC, but this clever little title is a cracker. Its main appeal is its ability to create a unique, highly complex and rewarding game world, while simultaneously making sure that every moment of the game feels like it has a purpose. As you move around the world, you can spawn, but you’ll often need to consider when you should kill an enemy to make the most of it, as a single mistake can send the whole game backwards in time.

Deathloop – the Smartest Game in Arkane’s Dishonored Franchise

If you want to get sneaky in an FPS game, this might be your best bet. You’ll need to think carefully and act quickly to avoid traps, but the resulting chaos is more satisfying than you might imagine.