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Traveling is all about the experience, but it’s also important to take home some mementos. Europe has a lot to offer and there are many unique gifts and souvenirs to choose from. From traditional mugs to stacking dolls, here are our favorite items to bring back from your European adventures.

BOHEMIAN CRYSTAL: Originally produced in Silesia and Bohemia, this is the most traditional glass you’ll find in Europe and it’s perfect for anyone who loves fine craftsmanship or collects beautiful objects. This Czech crystal is more durable than standard glass, so it’s great for keeping or giving as a gift.

MACARONES: Light and crisp on the outside with soft meringue inside, these sweet treats are available in a range of flavors. They’re a classic French souvenir and a delicious treat to bring home from Paris. You can find them in stores across France and you’ll definitely want to pick up a box of macarons on your trip.

NISSES: If you’re looking for a gift for your friend or family member who loves Scandinavian culture, look no further than a cute Nisse figurine! These Nordic gnomes are also known as tomtes and they live in people’s houses to protect them from mischievous spirits. They’re especially popular at Christmas, so consider giving one as a gift.

CHRISTMAS GNOMES: In Scandinavia, these small creatures are a part of Christmas decorations and they can be found on many nativity scenes around the country. These little gnomes are called Nisse or Tomte, and they’re usually made of white fur with a beard and a knit cap. They’re often seen as a good luck charm and are very popular as gifts during Christmastime.

NETHERLANDS: A box of stroopwafels is another quintessentially Dutch souvenir that’s sure to be enjoyed by friends or colleagues at work. They’re best served hot, with a cup of coffee to melt their caramel center, and they’re perfect for sharing at a group gathering.

FINE WEAVING: Croatian, Greek and Cyprus artisans are known for their intricate lace and embroidery, and you’ll find a variety of these beautiful items to choose from at the Christmas markets in Europe. You can also find embroidered scarves, towels and even bags that feature the region’s motifs.

TIES: Croation and Cypriot ties are another great souvenir from Europe, and they’re especially popular among tourists who love to dress up. These are also ideal for bringing back as gifts from Europe because they’re lightweight and easily transportable.

MATSRYOSHKAS: In Russia, there’s a tradition of Matryoshka dolls, which are stacking dolls that can be matched with each other, making them easier to fit in a carry-on. They’re incredibly intricately designed and come in a wide range of shapes, including peasant girls and former Soviet leaders.

AUGUSTINE: If you’re looking for a souvenir that will be fun and colorful, a postcard is a great option. There are plenty of arty, vintage cards in the market stalls throughout the city, and you can even write your own special message on them!